Edingburgh Wasp Nest Removal
Edingburgh Wasp Nest Removal


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Have you noticed more wasps than usual buzzing around?
Think you may have a wasp nest nearby?

Then you need the Wasp Nest Company, with wasp removal experts working in and around Edinburgh.

We live in Edinburgh and can therefore be with you in a matter of minutes, always same day when possible. During the busiest part of our season June – November we have 4 full time wasp nest removal technicians in Edinburgh and surrounding areas, giving you the peace of mind that your wasp problem can be eradicated with immediate effect.

We do service all surrounding areas of Edinburgh which has taken us into Glasgow, Livingston, Falkirk, Stirling and as far as Dunfermline and Fife.

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Our company ethos if very simple – “One Call and We Do It All”.

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With tens of thousands wasp species across the world, you may be surprised to learn that most types wasp do not sting and do perform an important ecological function – they eat other insects that in uncontrolled numbers, can be a large pest problem, such as caterpillars eating crops etc.
In the UK, we are most familiar with the brightly coloured wasps – usually bright yellow, brown and black in colour – and are usually from the ‘social’ wasp type. These are the wasps that we find in a colony within a nest. A queen wasp will choose to build her nest in spring in a place that offers little disturbance but is also close to a food source so she can feed the growing number of young. Colonies are made up from female wasps, with male wasps only appearing in late summer to fertilise a female.
These social wasps present dangers to humans when they choose to build their nest in areas where there is a large amount of human ‘traffic’. A wasp that is agitated and chooses to sting you, emits a pheromone that sends a signal to other wasps in the colony; this provokes a defensive reaction and before you know it, you can be at the receiving end of several stings from several wasps!
Did you know...?
... it is only the female wasp that stings. The stinger is actually a modified egg-laying organ and a wasp can sting more than once.
This sting can cause a nasty but localised reaction on the skin, which needs keep cleaned and dressed. However, there is a more immediate and unknown danger in the shape of anaphylaxis. You do not know if you are allergic to the wasp venom until it happens; the venom causes the body to go into deep shock, and immediate medical attention is required. This is why it is imperative that you call us as soon as possible to deal with the wasp nest.

There is no doubt that a wasp nest can be a nuisance but rather than try and deal with yourself, you are best place to call in the experts. As well as offering you a free on site survey and advice, we also guarantee our work.

How much does it all cost?
Early bird summer discount – a wasp nest removed from only £48 and no VAT!
If you are worried about cost, then don’t be – our wasp nest removal is competitively priced and unlike other companies, we do not charge a call out fee. Our service is also available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Same day service
We offer a same say service as many of our operatives live as well as work in the immediate area. And better still, we offer priority service when children and the elderly are deemed to be at significant risk from wasp stings.
One call really does do it all...
... you’ll get advice, a free survey and the wasp nest removed all for one competitive price. There are no hidden extras and no nasty surprises, just a fast, reliable service every time.
If you think you have a wasp nest then call us!

Call FREE - 0800 019 9277 or 0800 019 WASP

Edingburgh Wasp Nest Removal